Sunday, December 21, 2008


Year after year I procrastinate Christmas stuff. Shopping, I usually complete early- it is all the homemade stuff I neglect until the last minute. This year is no different.

I sit at my craft area machine quilting and finishing a few gifts for those afar. I thought I was getting a head of the game just to realize I made a mistake early on and need to change my efforts from sewing to seam ripping. Looks like this years presents got postponed another day- Sorry!

Jake must have been getting tired of hearing my complaints because he asked how involved seam ripping was. After a brief demonstration and strict instructions not to tare the material he has taken over my frustration while I sit here eating my fudge and planning my next step.

I love you Jake! You rule! You truly are the best husband ever!


Roeckers said...

I love you.

Anonymous said...

Tell him its not the seam ripping that is frustrating. Its the fact that you made a mistake and have to spend more time trying to redo what would already be done if you did it right. I know I've been there too.