Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!This year we start a new tradition. Santa brought the kids one present and it was centered around Christ. We plan on doing this every year from now on. This year the kids stole all my nativities and played with them almost everyday. (Their favorite was the one a good Friend Alanna gave me several years ago- Thanks Alanna!) So we got them one that wasn't porcelain.
We also made a lot of our presents this year. The kids and I Made Jake a Tie rack (will post pictures later) and a peg board for his tools, Jake made me a movie of the kids, and we made the kids blow guns and chalk boards.
It was so much fun trying to find opportunities when they were out of the house to complete them and include the kids on the secrets. (And when we had bit off more than we could chew our dear Friend Melissa stepped in and took the kids for an overnight stay-as if four boys of her own and a deployed husband wasn't enough! Thanks Melissa!) They enjoyed gift giving as much as we did.
Here is Liza and Jake getting the boys. An unfair battle if you ask me- the boys don't have the blow power they do and a more interested in eating them. So as they were searching for the marshmallow on the ground, J and E were hitting him in the head.Daniel has had a bit of aggression-being an almost four year old Roecker boy is a tough job! We have talked of buying an actual punching bag for him and some gloves, but found this much softer alternative. At one point this morning he was mad. He walked right up to it and punched it a few times and all was good again. I would call that a success!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas! We hope your holidays are full of lots of love, laughter and family/friends! We send out our love and thoughts to each of you!


B said...

We did homemade over here too, and I loved it. It should be even more fun when the kids can participate. Love how Santa brought the kids something about Christ. Might have to snag that idea myself.

Merry Christmas guys!

Aprile said...

You have the cutest ideas for your family. I read your blog so I can steal your great ideas all the time!

B said...

I just thought I'd let the man of the house know that each and every time I try to comment on his blog I am totally DENIED! I'm starting to take it personally. That or I'm just trying to make him feel bad.

Anyways, I was going to email him, but I only have Chrissy's email address.

JeriLynn said...

We had a nice, small Christmas, too. We didn't even spend it with family. It was soooo nice. I want to get one of those toy nativities, too.

Hey, so you guys moved to Oklahoma, (I can tell because there aren't any mountains), bought a house, and stuff? When? I wish we had been able to stay at Fort Lee, Virginia where Jay did BOLC III. I LOVED it there. (Even though we only lived there 4 months, we both got callings. They called me to the YW, too, and I miss that calling.)

It's good to see how your family is doing. I showed Liesl a picture of Rainey and asked, "Do you want to marry him?" She said yes, but I don't think she remembers him. ;) I think that boxing thing is a great idea; I need one for myself. Oh, and Crissy, post a picture of yourself once in a while, will ya!


Lammis said...

I love your homemade Christmas gifts! I think they're way better than toys... they just take a lot longer to get together. You're awesome! Gwendolyn also kept playing with my nativity sets and has broken a few of the kid-looking but still breakable ones that she has been given. I'd love a Little People Nativity set. I remember looking for them online last year but forgot about them until this year, after Christmas unfortunately...

Leavitt Family said...

I love that nativity. Rylee plays with mine too. Thankfully my mom bought a soft scene that the characters Velcro to the stable. It sits under the tree and the kids play with it all the time...which helps keep little hands from pulling ornaments off the tree. LOL