Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life is about opportunities not entitlements

During Jake's graduation ceremony one of the speakers suggested that
"Life is about opportunities not entitlements"

I have been trying to enjoy life by taking advantage of the opportunities, not expecting them to be given to me or expecting them to fall in my lap. We have to create them, look for them, and be ever grateful for them.

Here is my life! (and Jake of course)


Krista said...

That is a great thought. One that a lot more people and kids should be taught these days. Too many people take things for granted or simply expect them.

Roeckers said...

I know way too many people that expect things out of life, rather than having to work for them. Sadly enough there are too many people out there that enable them to get what they want.

B said...

Once again you've given us all something to really think about and evaluate ourselves with Kissy. This is so true, and worth taking a serious look at. Too often people think and act like the world and society owes them something for whatever reason. One small change of thinking can propel us to live a better life, work for it, accept it when it comes, and own it. I do think this is something we should teach just not our children, but ourselves. There is something to be said for hard work and earning what comes your way. I love how you look at life. You inspire me.

PaPa Hovan said...

Since Jake's Grad I have thought often about that quote and am glad my girls think like that. I deal every day with people who think that everything should just be given to them without thought or reason. When I have to tell them they were declined I am racist or prejudice because they are of another race or against them because they are on welfare. They only see and hear what they want to and not what you are saying. It is sad but it is the coming way of the world.

Roeckers said...

This blog was in no way to address any particular issue. To avoid hyper-sensitive individuals from taking to much credit for this post being dedicated to them- let me set the record straight. I have better things to do than stir trouble.

This entry was simply to state that I have taken great joy in my opportunities as a mother this week. Enjoying each of my children for who they are and the silly random things they do. Adding many eternal snapshots to my digital picture frame I hope to mount over my fireplace in the here after!

The way Rainey has learned to really jump, and does so off the back of the couch, over curbs and into puddles. Daniel has this silly Popeye grin he does when he is being sincere and affectionate. Liza is my princess and I love how she has really taken to reading everything and anything! They are my life not "You"

PaPa Hovan said...

My apologies.