Thursday, August 07, 2008

It has been a crazy week. I have been way stressed about one thing or the next, but finally we had some good news...

Jake got the job he wanted. It is a TRADOC position, which means he is working with the basic training and AIT groups. Which in plainer English means NO DEPLOYMENTS WHILE THERE! There is a small chance he could be pulled out of the unit but the chances are smaller now. Now he is fighting for the AIT which fewer jobs are available for so that later he can transfer to the Basic Training side where jobs are always available trying to extend his time with the unit as long as possible. We are very grateful for the blessings the Lord keeps pouring out upon us!

I will post pictures of the house later this weekend. There is an end in site with boxes. We have two boxes in the kitchen, one in the Grandma's room as the kids call it, and about five in the garage that still need to be sorted. So as soon as the house is put together I will have them up. I even found a floor plan for Mom R that I will post too.

Loves to all!

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Aprile said...

That is awesome news..hope he gets what he wants. Thanks for the travel tips! I will definately go to those places. I would love any other suggestions or tips you have...keep it coming!