Friday, August 01, 2008

Adventures never end!

Fire Ants, frogs, what next....A SKUNK!!!

The dog got skunked tonight. Thank goodness for the internet. I found remedies for the fire ants, and the skunk online. Vinegar and Dish soap work well! But I am still making the dog sleep outside tonight. Jake's pants are garbage and hopefully the bleach worked on the door way he was cowering next to.


Jacob Roecker said...

So like yesterday it was just a frog and you saw how Chrissy reacted. Today it's a skunk and I was outside dealing with a stinky dog while she was telling relatives (who will likely read this blog anyway) and typing the blog entry.

I'm not saying this is a one sided marriage because I really don't do much around the house--but it seems that our children and our creatures are finding new ways of making my chores (the nasty projects) more and more adventurous. What's next? Rainey and snakes?

Looks like we're going to need to go shopping tomorrow and get a snake bite kit--can't underestimate anything around here anymore.

It's amazing that in a few months from now we'll call these experiences completely normal. Until all the boxes are empty they're anything but normal. There's enough boxes floating around the house telling me that we've got a few more 'abnormal' adventures ahead of us yet.

Stay tuned!

Papa and Grandma H said...

Well what do you expect. You put a bunch of city kids and a city dog in the country and they are bound to find things they don't know about and they do have to learn. This is what make life more interesting. But knowing the kids and dog,I wouldn't put off buying that snake bite kit too long. LOL

P.S. You should have heard Gama laugh when Chrissy told her.

Ully Family said...

maybe you guys should just move here...I think that is a GREAT idea! LOL

mckell said...

Yeah those 3 dayers and one weekers are freakin whinner babies. Do 2 months then talk to me. And you have done like years, right?

Oh well what can I say... It is totally worth it I love the kid! I cant wait for next week! He will be home for a few days. Really I think I have had it pretty easy compaired to some but it still sucks.

What did you do (chrissy) while jake was gone? Well, mostly just how did you deal with it and stuff? I am doing good now but i am sure it gets hard and all that...

Aprile said...

It's nice to know that you are not having a dull and lonely time out in OK. We sure do miss you guys! By the way, Ben and I are going to Germany in October. We will be in Mannheim, 40 miles outside of Frankfurt. Any tips or must sees?

Tyler Fam said...

Wow! I can't imagine your life will be anything but adventure filled. Fire ants are just one plague here in the south...chiggars are real fun too!