Sunday, June 22, 2008


Eliza has been having fun using new words in the right context. This weeks words have been weak, anxious, ridiculous, and miscarriage (a neighbor just had one). I have no idea where she gets these words, but they make me laugh out loud (a big no-no right now, she has become very sensitive).

In the middle of church Eliza and I can this conversation,
ELiza: See that lady
Me: Yes
Eliza: She has a step husband (beeming at the use of this new word)
Me: A what?
Eliza: A step husband! You know, she was married, and they didn't love each other any more, so she got a new husband. It is her step husband.
Me: Ahh! Who told you this?
Eliza: Her daughter told me about her Step dad, so that would make him a step husband, right?!

Gotta Love her!!!


Papa Hovan said...

that my Eliza. You got to love her.

B said...

Now that's cute.

mckell said...

i miss you guys. that rocks. i am not going to lie when i was little my grandparents remarried and it confused the crap out of me... oh well. i got over it eventually. have fun! talk to ya soon, i guess i should really call and catch you up on some things... ;)

KellyLady said...

Oh that is sooo cute!