Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Food allergy

It's a first for our family... we have a food allergy.
Sunday night I made the kids apple shakers (sliced apples in a zip lock bag with cinnamon and sugar). After they were finished I washed the cinnamon off their hands and faces. Daniel's face was all red and puffy. It went away before bed time but when I went to give him a bath his body was covered in hives. After a few applications of hydro cortisone it disappeared.
Last night since most of the hives are gone, I decided to do a test. I put cinnamon on his arm. After 2minutes Daniel was screaming that it hurt and grabbed a rag to wipe it off. It was itchy, red, and swollen. I have a Dr appt early next week, but am pretty sure I know the what the Dr is going to say. I am putting on my paranoid mother hat, I just need to be reassured it is OK and find out how careful I need to be.


KellyLady said...

Yucky! Food allergies aren't fun...good luck! I hope that it's not a serious one and easy to control! And yeah for knowing more of your life puzzle! Hope it all falls into place for you!

Papa Hovan said...

Hey kiddo. Been there doing that. I have allergies to a certain kind of mushroom that is used every now and then in Chinese food. I just have to know the reaction and then make sure I have an antihistamine and plenty of Gravol or as you in the States call it Dramamine. Big Papa was allergic to raw cucumbers but pickles were okay. Just a piece the size of a pencil eraser was enough to send him to the hospital with the same type of reaction I get. Uncle Babes down fall was MSG.

Food allergies are no fun but can be controlled if you are aware of them and how you react to them. Best of luck and its okay to wear the paranoid mother's hat. Its in your contract. Read the same print.

Papa Hovan said...

Should read..."read the fine print."

Magic fingers what can I say.