Wednesday, February 06, 2008

another piece to the puzzle of our lives

A bit of a ramble....

So we got word today of Jake's school dates. We know he is going to Oklahoma for his training, now we know when and for how long, now we just wait on weither we can stay in OK or weither they will send us else where. That will determine our plans to move. If we get stationed in OK we will move in August after Jake's Officer Basic course is done, otherwise we will stay in Logan until Nov-Dec (after his third and final phase of training) so Eliza can have some stability in school.

We are way excited to fit another piece into the puzzle of our future and anxiously wait for the next piece to fall into place.

I am way excited because now I can move ahead with plans for a vacation with my mom and sister Dian to Tennessee (we will miss you Kimmie, but understand you have an appendage named Oryn). I can't wait for a week of kid free girl time of Elvis, Dolly Parton, and running ourselves ragged with site seeing, giggles, and silliness!!!

Well thats our news in a rather large nut shell. Very exciting!!


Fisher Family said...

That is great news. Nice to have dates and get an idea of what is going to happen. How exciting to be starting this new adventure in the military. Tennessee sounds like fun too.

Papa Hovan said...

Great news. Now all I have to do is convince you girls that Papa needs to come along to Tennessee too. Jake doesn't need his help with the kids while your gone. He is a truly modern man and can handle it all by himself. Besides I am under doctors order to take it easy.

Roeckers said...

Well the kids are definitely not taking it "EASY"!! Plus it would do Jake some good to be by myself for the week. BUT if we are looking out for my kids lives you best come down. Jake needs a seasoned dad to show him how to curl a little girls hair and put ponytails in, how to do the laundry and how to really cook instead of eat cereal 3times a day. LOL
The kids will not want us to come home with the two of you in charge!!

Papa Hovan said...

You mean no cookie sandwiches for lunch and ice cream soup for supper?

I'm crushed.

I see what you mean. I will try to be as strict a disciplinarian as I was with you girls.

Auntie Di said...

Dad you are not a Girl, you can not come. And i think it would be good for mom to be away from you for a while. To much of you is never to good. jokes, I love you.

And the kids are so "easy" stick in a movie and you don't do anything for the next like hour or more. How much "easier" do you want it???

And what the heck I never got Cookie Sandwiches? or ice cream soup?

And yippie Chriss A week with out guys or Kids yippie:( but no kimmie, next year kimmie right?? And I can't wait to find out where i live next september for a couple of months:D