Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lots of fun

Jake is proving true to his daddy function- pack mule:)

So last week we had my sisters, my niece and my mom here. We had so much fun. It took the kids a while to get use to each other but they ask for each other all the time now they are apart. We Hit the Hertiage Center, Temple square, every store in town and a few rides in town.
A week of feeding horses, playing with goats, throwing Tomahawks, riding bikes, listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir live, seeing how pioneers lived, shopping and being with family. It was some good times- a great week.

Liza got a right of passage in the Roecker family. She got to shoot her first gun. Auntie Di's friend took her shooting and asked if Liza wanted to tag along. So after some serious safety talk I consented and Liza had a blast shooting out an old TV.

A pleasant surprise this morning-Jake is in the paper. (The guy with the black barret.) They wrote up an article on the history of the ROTC program at USU and he made the first page and then again later on in the paper. It was an interesting article, we learned a bit about the history of the unit. To read the whole article go here


Auntie Di said...

wow, two Roeckers in the Newspaper in one summer. Can we make is all five by the end of the year??? Love you and your kids are so cute, i miss you lots.

Papa Hovan said...

I am glad to see that Liza takes after her Mom and Aunties when it comes to guns, a real "Annie Oakley".

And I agree with Auntie Di... they are so cute. Although what can you expect. They just take after both sets of grandparents.