Monday, July 30, 2007


Rainey is famous now. We took my dad and Dian to the Aggie Ice cream plant on campus and the paper was there. A lady was shot a hundred photos of Rainey during the tour (I moved out of the way so my butt wouldn't be in the picture) and later asked if he would like to be in the paper. She thought he was cute sleeping- so do we. You can click here to see the whole story. He slept thru the whole tour and woke up at the end right in time for Ice Cream :)


Susan said...

Cool! (Pun intended.) Thanks for posting this so we could see it too.

Stephanie said...

ah! how cute! they should have put him on the scale- car seat and all- I dont know why- it just would have been funny... :)

Ashley said...

I love that I know someone famous..well I don't think I have actually ever seen Rainey in person but you know what I mean.