Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ranger Challenge Nov 18, 2006

Jake has been training day, afternoon and weekends for this competition the army has among it's ROTC program. He was chosen for the team and has been so excited to be part of it all. It usually takes place in CA but because of cut backs they canceled it a month before the competition. The Utah ROTC programs didn't like the idea so they had their own competition. There were 6 Universities that participated, U of U, UVSC, BYU, Weber State, U of Nevada Reno, SUU, and USU. The goal of the competition is to show off your ability to be a soldier. They had to take a PT test (push-ups, sit-ups, run 2 miles), shoot at the range, make and cross a rope bridge, Land Navigation, and a 10K ruck march (they had to carry 30Lbs in a rucksack). They were all excited and expecting to win but due to a few injuries they placed second. BYU won by two points. We are proud of the team irregardless, they did a fabulous job, and made alot of personal bests.

Here are pictures of the opening formation, the team, two of the rope bridge which they blew the other schools out of the water winning by 2+ minutes, and the team after the 10K ruck march.

Congrats USU on a job well done! Good job Jake on a job well done.

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