Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tender emotions

My heart is full today. Our unit got word of its first casualties and injuries this week, just three weeks into this deployment. As a military spouse I have had to desensitize myself to the names and numbers of fallen soldiers over the years to keep my sanity. These soldiers are men and women just like my soldier boy. Now that it is our unit it is more personal, too close to home. These are families we have contact with. Families that live around the corner, families we started this journey with together.

My heart aches for the young children that will have limited memories of their father. My heart aches for the wife that must now face life alone, must raise kids on her own, must mourn the lose of her best friend, and help her children do the same. My heart aches for the families of the injured who worry about their soldiers and their well being. My heart most selfishly aches for the "what if" its me next time.

I have found myself carrying more prayers in my heart, and on my knees as I pay that our Father in Heaven will put a big protective bubble around ALL the soldiers, that the other families will be granted peace while their soldiers are away. I pray that each individual in a leadership/decision making position will be open to divine guidance.  I pray for the families who have experienced loss that they may find peace and comfort, that they may never have to endure such trials again!

I count my blessings today! I thank the Lord for sparing my soldier! I thank the Lord for my support system! I thank the Lord for my family! I thank the Lord for the love he has shown me!