Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Rainey!!

One year older and wiser too!
Rainey at this time in his life...
loves parkour
loves to cook
loves to create! An artist in the making
loves letters
Outside is the only place to be if you aren't inside drawing and creatinggoes to Pre-K
has a BFF that gets him, she moves in just a few weeks (he is going to be crushed!!)
has a bit of a temper
will do anything for money
loves dirt!eats anything you feed him
eager to please without loosing his true self
the jokster of our bunch
has a way of wrapping you around his little finger with "the look"
stubbornloves surprises
very patient
hates to hang up clothes or do any sort of cleaning involving his room/toys
my best shopping buddy
high energy
Loves to make others smile
Makes friends easily but rarely lets them into his heart (very sensitive and hates to be hurt)
Loves to imagine
responsible when it counts
loves to learn

Rainey you brighten up my days and give my a bit of laughter every day! You may be my greatest challenge as a parent but there is no way I would trade you for any other child. I love to create side by side with you, to watch you think things out and to see you grow. You definitely have tried my patience but are the greatest example in exercising patience. You are a people pleaser without staying true to yourself and your ideals. Your beautiful blue eyes dance as you face every day eager to see what the world has to hold. I can't wait to see you you accomplish this year, and what talents manifest themselves while you are 5!

Happy Birthday Rainey!!


vendhan said...

I really enjoyed ur blog

Alanna Leavitt said...

That is a wonderful way to describe your little boy. I like that as a way to start a new year. Your kids will love reading this blog as they get older to get an insight to themselves and how you view them. (I am inspired as to how to improve my blog.)

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