Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas recap

This year I was so well prepared! Before Thanksgiving I went to a friends house and made some cute Christmas cards. I planned my Christmas crafts out week by week. I had the kids Christmas outfits six week early and knew exactly what we were getting them. I was going to make it happen! HA!
I made the cards but never sent them so they went back up in the attic with all the other Christmas stuff for next year. Maybe next year?!I only got around to a few crafts. This is the nativity I added this year. Pretty simple and compact. Just a paper cut out.
This year we hosted a super fun Christmas party. We were surrounded by people we love. It was so fun to enjoy the company of so many friends and neighbours.
We played some minute to win it games, ate and just enjoyed having a reason to chill together. So many good laughs!
Christmas eve we hunkered down and had our own family Christmas party. (There was no way I was braving any of the last minute Christmas craziness!) We played a few more games.
Took full advantage that all our doors on our Lego advent calendar were open
And the kids decorated the Grandma room and served us food and drinks while we watched movies all afternoon.

Christmas morning we hurried and got dressed for church. Peaked thru our stockings. And Why not get a good Christmas shot in while we are all dressed?! HA!
After almost 100 snap shots these are the best we got.
How do people get "the" perfect family photo?
No one photo has everyone smiling and in focus!
I guess we have that much documented...we lack on group photography.
After church it was free game
Liza with her loot. Not one dud in this pile!
Daniel and his goods
Rainey and his goods. This year he made it very clear about three weeks before Christmas all he wanted and has "ever wanted for (his) entire whole life" (all 4 almost 5 years of life) was a bath robe. That was easy enough!
Mikey opening her presents. She only opened one at a time. She savored it all day long! We kept having to prod her into opening them. She was so content with whatever the older kids were doing, or the present she had just opened. Super easy to please this year, and everyone of her gifts have been used daily!
This is what most of the rest of Christmas day looked like. Everyone on some sort of electronic.
Liza learning about electricity and circuits
Here the boys were setting up their Lego city. Putting their boards in just the right configuration so to accommodate all the things they were going to build.
(Too bad the lost ALL their toys 10 days later, for refusing 5days in a row to clean their room. And now have only books to read. Maybe Lego city can be build next month. If I go up to the attic to get them down.)

All in all it was a great year for memories! Some we laugh at and some we hold dear to our hearts. A fabulous year for us!
Hope it found you all in good health and as happy as we were!


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