Sunday, May 29, 2011


This past week we have been taking turns getting sick, getting better, and then getting sick again.
Liza spent her time on the couch reading.
Daniel slept all week.
Rainey did this all week.I know it's blurry but it depicts how he has felt the last day or so. "My ear hear differently" "My eyes are leaking, and makes it look fuzzy" he would whine between his crying, screaming outbreaks. HE so doesn't do sick well!

Now it is Mikey's turn. I'll take her snuggles any day (especially today when we are both under the weather)! Let's just all hope we get rid of this bug before we leave for Utah on this week!


room divider nyc said...

Nice pictures.

The Hazard Family said...

I lovey your blog. It's fun to read about you guys. Uncle Greg