Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter weekend

So I have been MIA. Had a little of my wind removed from my sail last month. BUT it's back!

Every Easter my mother/Papa would make sure we got a new dress every Easter and Christmas. Those were my favorite holidays. Granted our dresses were "Mini world" dresses (ones you have to wear a crinoline to puff it up), my girls aren't that lucky ;-P This year Jake wanted to take the girls shopping for their dresses. So we let each kid pick out their own outfit. It was fun seeing their personalities come out while shopping and how it made them all feel special.Lou is way into black and white lately. She is growing up way too fast!My Stud-man!
The Silly one of the bunch
He really wasn't in the mood to have his photo taken!
The lil princess
This one reminds me of those super hero cheesy movies were they are walking away from destruction. It makes me want to make up super hero names for them.
Liza Trying to pose the group LOL
Liza holding the boys hands so they wouldn't run
My pretty little girls!
The brown eyes

I was grateful for the opportunity to remember the sacrifice of our loving Savior- to talk about it with our children and watch movies about His life and death. Grateful to take a deeper look into his life and all the many blessing we have because of Him, his life, and his teachings. Hoppy belated Easter!

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KellyLady said...

They are all gorgeous!