Monday, January 10, 2011

Case of the Crazies!

December always seems to leave me so worn out, and every year I just add more to it.

The end of November with Thanksgiving and Liza's birthday begin the whole month of chaos!
how dare I ask them to pose for a pic when there was candy involved!
Since I was a nanny in Germany over a decade ago, I was determined to celebrate St Nikolaus each year since. How fitting I would return to Germany and live there for 6 more years. On the evening of the 5th you put out your shoe for St Nikolaus to fill with goodies and gifts. This year as St Nikolaus helpers we decided to make Christmas PJ's the gift left along with their shoe full of candy, stickers and tattoos.
Daniel in the back row, was demonstrating his elbow licking skills befor his Christmas presentation LOL That boys got skills!!
The hats I made for Daniels class presentation. I ended up making 7... super easy but I was so not in the modd that day!
This year we also decided to learn something new. (I think sometimes I don't quite think thru all my GREAT ideas.) I decided I wanted the kids to learn of another culture. So some how I settled on Hanukkah (thats a whole other post). The kids LOVED IT!! they have requested Kwanzaa next year, we will see if I can pull that off.
Chickasha lights
Well to add to the insanity of Christmas concerts, parties, work gatherings, shopping, light shows, baking, crafting, and making sure everything was in order for Christmas, I was tasked with our church CHristmas party. (THATS THE LAST TIME THE YOUTH ARE UNREPRESENTED AT A PLANNING MEETING!!) WIth three weeks notice I had to pull off some sort of party. With lots of help I managed. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures. I love to cook but I hate doing the same mondane dinner party every time we gather. SO I went for the good old fashion family dance, with light refreshments, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, and of course Santa. It worked well.
Then a few days after Christmas we had some special visitors! Pop-pop and Grandma came to visit form Utah! Fun times and lots of memories! Of course as always when I am with family I never pulled my camera out till the last day-UGH!!

Shortly befor Christmas I got sick and have had a rough time getting over the never ending leaky nose and horrible cough. It took all the energy I had just to get over Christmas, some how we pulled it all off. I am over the most of it now and enjoy having a bit of energy back now!

Well, be prepared for a few more updates coming soon!

PS My little nephew Tek is thriving now! He is a fighter. He was in the NICU in Tuscon for a few days with a collapsed lung but made it home shortly after Christmas. He is such a good baby, I can't wait to hold him in a few weeks!