Monday, November 01, 2010

Another Monday night

I have pondering why I even try to spend time as a family and instill moral in my children! Every time we plan a family night (every Monday night), I feel exhausted before it even starts. The kids usually start fighting and tearing up the house before I even get them an after school snack. Tonight was no different!
It was quite humorous that the topic of discussion for tonight was going to be "rules." The moment the older kids got home all rules were forgotten.
Hitting, putting dents in moms walls, throwing the clean clothes on the floor rather than taking them to their rooms, an egg thrown at the back door because a sibling locked the other one out, pretzels and the crumbs left in the bottom of the bag were fed to Michael in MY bed, anything I said they did the opposite of.

This has become a recurring habit lately. Yesterday Daniel almost jumped in one of our rain barrels "for fun" instead once he was caught he dunked a stuff animal in.

By dinner time I was frustrated and we had to find something to keep them moving yet make them realize they were in trouble. So we made them do exercises. YUP! the sat up against the wall for 30seconds, then the held cans over there head, then they did arm curls when their arms got tired, then push-ups, then sit-ups...anytime they got in trouble they were back at it. Liza was not disobeying but loved every minute of it! She was doing it with the boys, enjoying the exercise LOL It had us laughing.

Anyways, Jake is great at planning lessons. He often invites MR. Family Home Evening guy. (WHo has a whole lot of energy considering he gets up at 4am!). Tonights lesson was precious (in a rumorous way)!

three jugs of water
three measuring cups of three different white substances
three packs of kool-aide
four cups (one for each kids)

Read the kool-aide packets directions. Have kids check water level and white substance levels to make sure they are correctly measured. Have each kid pour a cup of white substance into their jug, and kool-aide packet and mix. Then have kids sample each jug at the same time.

Our kids mixed the first jug and were so excited (after all they never get kool-aide)! They tasted it I loved their faces. I wish I had had the camera out!! Substance #1 was salt. Michael cried for about five minutes she was so disgusted with it. LOL it was priceless. Only Daniel and Rianey tried #2 (flour) and everyone had 4 glasses of #3 (sugar). We talked about rules and how they are there to help us and to keep us safe. We have the option to not do as all the other do like Eliza trying jug #2, and we can warn others of the dangers. Or we can follow directions/rule/procedures and enjoy our delicous kool-aide.

Yet another one for the books babe. Good job!
Have a great week!


Mayzie said...

I feel like that's how FHE Is at our house too! Last night we just read a few scriptures and hoped for the best... I LOVE the Kool-Aide idea!! we are so doing it!

KellyLady said...

can I steal the kool aid idea too? What a great way to teach a principle.

Mayzie said...

Okay so we did this for FHE last night and Dave used Garlic salt for one of the juices :D HAHA Vincent Said, "That made my body cry."