Monday, August 16, 2010


Tonight we let the kids lead FHE. Jake picked the song and I cooked apple pie for dessert the kids did the rest.
Rainey-activity was the game upset the fruit basket. Once again Kumquat was the envied fruit
Daniel- memorized our scripture mastery for the week and presented it to the family John 14:15
Eliza- lesson on Ammon. She dressed all in white and pretended to be a sheep. Daniel was Ammon and Rainey the Lamanite. They reenacted cutting off limbs LOL Great fun!!

Aren't they absolutely adorable!!

Friends of ours graciously shared their harvest this year with us. We were a bit hesitant, okra is rather sticky and slimy, but we weren't disappointed! DELICIOUS! Definitely better steamed rather than fried.

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