Thursday, August 19, 2010

busy week

It has been one of those weeks I intended to just sit around and finish some projects and keep things low key. So far that hasn't happened. There really isn't much to report in all our activity, we just had meetings, play dates, and an unexpected trip to the ER.
Daniel had a bit of head trauma on Tuesday night before bed while playing on the tramp with some bigger boys. It didn't look like much and he seemed fine. Wednesday morning around 530-600am Daniel started emptying his stomach. He dry heaved all morning. I didn't think anything of it until about 700-730 when he complained his head hurt were he had hit it the night before. After some prodding from two great ladies that came by and picked up the pieces of my planned out day I took Daniel in to the ER. One of the ladies husband works up at the hospital, and had arranged for a CAT scan already. As I was admitting Daniel he throw up on the lady's desk and she wanted none of that so we were moved right to the back at which point they recognized the name and we were off to radiology. It was all pretty quick!

To make my already too detailed story short Daniel has a mild concussion. On strict Dr orders to be a video, TV junkie for the next week. So back to taking the week easy I guess!

Tonight I opened up a box I have neglected for a few weeks now and started my family preservation project. Here's a sneak peak.

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The Stewarts said...

way cool chrissy, I had fun reading the letter but the second one was upside down and papa's writing is somewhat hard to read right side up as it is. Anyways I love you!!!