Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Party

Another themed party!!
Theme- Garden partyOur flapper hat invitations
At church we wanted to plan a nice spring party for all the ladies. Some how we were able to incorporate the ideas of us four ladies planning the party and make a lovely evening of laughter and fun.Caterpillar
Everyone was to bring a hat that represented who they were or something they like to do or wish to become. We then guessed who brought which hat. It was great fun!! Lots of yummy finger food, fruit and veggies. The weather even cooperated with us providing the most lovely evening of sisterhood.Our spread- choco dipped strawberries, triangle sandwiches, ants on a log, lots of fruits and veggies and the most delicious variety of salads
See all our hats on display on the trellisEveryone went home with one of these beauties. A flower broach.This was my favorite hat of teh night! It was her mothers gardening hat. I am thinking of making myself one of these babies. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of it!

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