Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 months

Michael recently turned six months!
We love our lil princess. She loves to smile, and we love to see them. She loves her siblings, no one can make her laugh like they can, especially Rainey lately. She loves to just be around Liza. M. will sit quietly and watch Liza while she cleans her room, jumps outside on the tramp, reads a book, or plays with her barbies- she adores her time with Liza. She loves to sleep thru the night (when in her own bed). She loves food, especially mum-mum cookies and bread! Michael has recently found her voice and loves to talk.
We have called her many nick names but the one that has stuck is Mikey, the others being Mia, Me-Mes (being the baby I am sure this one will return when she realizes it is all about "ME"), Emi, Sissy, bugga-boo, and hey you (brain dead mom can't remember whos who any more).Here they all are at six months. Who does she look like most?


Cherie said...

What a cutie!

KellyLady said...

Oh she is just a doll! Not sure who she looks most like...can see resemblence in all of them!

The Favorite said...

I vote Liza. Our baby #4 James looks the most like our oldest- Jane. Your children are all so beautiful Happy Easter and have a wonderful conference weekend :)

The Stewarts said...

I think she has Daniel's smile and Rainey's round head and she talks a lot so she gets that from Eliza :D I can't believe what nice colouring Daniel had when he was little. The rest are just nice and white lol. Oh and you should have seen David smile when listening to Michael giggle/growls, it was real cute :D Well I love you and I can't believe how fast your children have grown :(
Love their Auntie Di and Uncle David

Krista said...

She is absolutely ADORABLE! I love those big eyes, makes me want to gobble her up!