Saturday, January 30, 2010

testing our limitations...

In the church we are encouraged to have a one year supply of food and essential items, to have a 72hr kit, and to be prepared for emergency situations.The last week of January we received winter storm warnings a week in advance. We prepared by not planning out of town travel (learned not to do that over Christmas), we stalked our fridge and thought of a few things to do if the kids school was canceled.The storm hit earlier and harder than anticipated Thursday the 28th of January, within two hours of the onset we were without power. The weight of all the snow and blowing freezing rain power lines were snapped in half, sub stations completely knocked out, poles lying twisted and bent, junction boxes were ripped right off houses. I was a mess. Within hours 50,000 HOMES, not people homes, were without power.At first, the power company was optimistic that it would only be two days. HA!! They shut down the interstate for two days due to lines lying across it in several spots. By Saturday we were questioning how long we would be without.One hour short of a week we were without power! Somehow the good Lord blessed us thru the whole thing! Michael was recovering from Pneumonia and still on breathing treatments, and the other kids were all on meds for ear infections and nasty colds. We didn't have enough wood to last more than a few nights, and were very financial unprepared for an emergency and a cash only world!!Things we learned
-have a cash reserve in the house
-we had all the food but no way to cook it (invest in a camp stove and store fuel for it as it becomes scarce fast) We cooked on a fondue sterno burner, had tin foil dinners, cooking time increases, store more 3-5ingredient meals that can be put together quickly
-I will never live without a generator!! Simple pleasures were a comfort like light after dark, food in the freezer, charging my phone, a spot heater at night so we could sleep longer than 90minutes without fueling the fire
-it takes effort to live off the land. Scavaging wood, chopping, fueling the fire all day and all night
-stress is real!! it effects everyone in the house, be honest and open with what is going on and how you are feeling with each member of the house hold and include them in the daily chores
-tape up all the doors but the one you plan on using. Duct tape helped eliminate any draft coming in
-live in one room and hang sheets to keep heat in that one room, we choose the livingroom as it had the fireplace we hung sheets in the hallways to section it all off and shirk the space we were trying to heat
-dont be afraid to pool resource with other, or ask for help
-get out and help other, it is a nice diversion for everyone!



Roeckers said...

If anybody is interested to learn more from our experiences Jake wrote a 5 page letter he is willing to share with anyone about what we learned and how we applied it just let me know

BreezyAnne a + Fam said...

Wow a 5 page letter! Glad to hear you came out on top! What an adventure! It might surprise you to know.. I grew up like that.. I remember when we first got power and phone lines.. I was in High School! Now.. though.. man I am a city girl.. And well probably would just freeze to death.. lol!

BreezyAnne a + Fam said...

wait I take that back it was Junior High...

The Stewarts said...

Finally you updated your blog!!! I lovve the photos and you telling stories!! Anyways I love you :D Glad your back to normal!! and that is wasn't me :D