Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finished product and Liza's baby toy

Liza has been dying to make something for the baby. After taking to Jake the other night he suggested we make a few toys for the baby. One of Liza's favorite things to tell you about babies is that they only see black and white at first, then red and yellows.
Yesterday she stayed home sick with fever and chills, so I had her go thru my material and pick out a few pieces she liked. I cut them up for her then lined the pieces all up and she sewed them. She did a pretty good job! Better than my first patchwork! So watch for her finished project later on this week...
Here is the finished baby blanket! Quilted and bound.
The front all complete!
The back all done!

On a side note, had my 36week check up today. Because I am not actually 36weeks until tomorrow the Dr. was a bit apprehensive of checking me cause he can't omit me to the hospital here should something happen until tomorrow, but he did. He told me I am definitely 2cm dilated, possibly three (but he was being careful not to disrupt anything LOL), my bag of waters was bulging, and I'm 70-75% effaced, which had him concerned that this little lady won't hold off much longer. I laughed at him and told him how they put me on mild bed rest with Daniel and he was born 2days befor his due date. And that with Rainey I was dilated to a 3+ and 50% at 36weeks and he was only 6days early. No need for alarm! I joked saying he just ruined my plans of going on a 5 mile hike on Saturday. He told me just to "be good"- whatever that means.


KellyLady said...

well done on the quilt! looks great!

Krista said...

.... so no 5 mile hike tomorrow afterall? darn it all! ;)