Monday, June 15, 2009

One of those days...

After a great deal of hick ups and unplanned expenses in our rather planned, no time for mishaps day we needed a time to relax and be free. We all threw our tantrums today, and were grateful for a little break from reality and some exercise.

It isn't a pool experience if you don't have a friend to play with
Each of the kids took turns swimming with and tending to the itsy bitsy toad they caught. They were sad the lizard they found ran away befor they could play with it much. (Daniel refused to let me put more air in his floaty, I guess he will learn to swim with out it rather quickly since he puts most of his effort into keeping his head above water)

Liza loves to swim. I have been rather impressed with her, and her ability to swim. We haven't been swimming much since we left Logan, yet she has managed to keep her skills up. She and I had a grand time as she practiced swimming the back stroke, front stroke and she practiced handstands in the water.

Definately one of those days I wish I lived closer to a family member whom I could use, abuse, and share these precious moments of these days :(

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B said...

That picture of your half sinking son just cracked me up. Love it.