Saturday, November 15, 2008

A whole Week!!

So tonight as I was driving home from work, I got to prepping for the week ahead. Planning things to do every day, things I need to start prepping for my new calling at church, Liza's birthday this week, quilting class, cleaning, cooking... you know the normals. At one point I realized Jake will be gone, gone for a whole WEEK! I am serious the words "a whole week" crossed my mind and I started to have a little panic attack- what am I going to do with the kids, what am I going to do for my sanity, how am I going to handle work and a sitter... A WEEK!

FREAK!! This is coming after two tours in Iraq, enduring a unit when we were first married that believed in spending half of the year in the field (so it felt), we did several military schools (4weeks, 9weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks), other military training and plenty other separations. I laughed out loud after realizing my undue distress. A week- no sweat! HA! How soon I forget I am a capable military wife/mother (or at least I will keep telling myself that). I will survive thanks to a fabulous support system of friends and family and a man totally worth the separations!

Here's to a week adventures!


Anonymous said...

This blog made me laugh. I wonder how you could even think to doubt yourself you are so amazing. Now on the other hand I don't know what Jake would do if you positions were reversed. Hope you all are doing well.

Michelle said...

LOL!! A week should be a piece of cake for you! Hope it goes well.