Sunday, October 12, 2008

A real man :)

Friday night I wrote Jake out a shopping list. I had to work open till close Saturday and wanted a few things to occupy my Sunday with. Shopping with kids in toe he managed it all! Here's what the list looked like

wonder under
flea collars
Amazing (a brand name of crafters super glue)

Congrats Jake!! He even stayed under (way Under) budget! Just another reason I love you!


Krista said...

wonder under ...? Is this some kind of crafty term I have yet to be introduced to?
Or is it something of the "more personal" nature? ;)

Roeckers said...

LOL that is what my husband thought at first- some "feminine thingy". The brave man asked the lady- thankfully at the craft area and she know just what to get him. (It is like an iron on. You put it between to pieces of material to make them stick together.)