Thursday, October 30, 2008


Jake has never been big into formalized lessons on Family Night. He quickly changed his tune a month ago (not that my promptings were enough), when Liza encountered issues with a neighborhood friend offering that Eliza would show her privates to a neighborhood boy if he did something for them. Of course she didn't but they all had some serious lectures from all parents involved on rights and wrongs. Since then we have been pretty faithful about structured lessons, and set aside time each week to teach our children simple principles of the gospel.

This week we talked about team work. As a family we can't survive without each other, and helping each other out. Liza did a fabulous job proving our point as she threw a tantrum because we weren't doing things her way. The puzzle never did get put together, but she has remember the lesson well all week.

At school each week they learn about the code of conduct expected of them. Each week the school focuses on a different code. This week was Co-operation. It worked well with our family home evening.

Tonight we all worked together and cleaned the house. Every room got spic n span cleaned and vacuumed. I surprised the kids with Zucchini bread as a treat afterwards. They loved it (even if Daniel believed I put grass in it). They all talked of working together and co-operation. Rainey even got into helping Liza hang up clothes and pick up toys saying "I help, I help" all night over and over again.

It is fun to see the fruits of our labors!!

Now no blog is complete without a few photos, and I really didn't think about taking pictures of us all cleaning, I just wanted to get it done. So here is a picture of Liza . Today was crazy hair day . I (once again did not have hair spray to dye Liza's hair) but had a few packets of gel food coloring. She remembered last year and wanted the same thing this year. It even stayed in all day! I was impressed.

This is a picture I owe a certain someone . Jake named a barrette after a dear friend and for doing so she asked if he would be so kind to model it. Unfortunately the camera battery died after the first snap shot so there is only one picture for ya Babe! Hope you enjoy!! They actually stayed in his non existent hair too. And they are red not pink like I had thought. So I am not too put off that he named these particular barrettes after you. It certainly is more fitting now that they aren't pink ;P


Krista said...

Isn't it RIDICULOUS what kids know, say and do these days? I help out at Rhiannon's school every day and find myself appalled regularly at what 6 year olds are like.
It's essential to teach our kids all they need to know morally as the world is getting scarier and scarier.

The McMullin Family said...

Way to go Roecker fam! Liza, Daniel and Rainey will have an amazing foundation for their lifes. Thanks for the great example you guys give.
And Jake, you're still as goofy as I remember you!

Michelle said...

Your husband is so pretty! That barrett brings out his eyes!

B said...

I love Liza's hair, it looks sort of like the bride of Frankenstein, just in an adorable way.

And look STUNNING in that barrette. I think you may have found your calling in life, that of a barrette model.