Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bidding today

We found a house. It seems like we looked at everything available and things were starting to run together. I started sweating bullets thinking of spending more money on a house and really having to live poor for the next four years. Then we found this sub development. It's not the one I want, it is the one Jake wants. There are two on the same street. One has a better kitchen and the other has bigger bedrooms. We are bidding on the one with the better kitchen and slightly more square footage. We are pretty excited. It is a bit removed from everything but a lady teaches Horse riding lessons in the field behind the house and one of the neighbors are Mormon. Keep your figures crossed for us. It has four bedrooms, is on an Acre of land, a storm cellar, and plenty of accessible storage space (just not enough for my food storage), and a fridge. It isn't prefect but it totally livable, I will make it mine before we leave. We should have news by the end of the day!!!


mckell said...

congrats! I am not jealous, i hate moving. so i dont think i am going to make it up today... i am sorry :(

KellyLady said...

It looks beautiful! Congrats and we'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Teresa said...

Yay! a new house, that is so exciting. Steve and I are looking constantly at houses too. We are just doing it over the internet. We hope to buy within the next month. Is sounds like something that will work for you. I hope you win. :)