Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hawaii- a memory

So now things are back to normal and life is as hectic as ever. We have begun to open another chapter of our lives and are house hunting, finishing Jake's last semester here in Logan and are planning our next few years. It has only been a week but feels like Hawaii is an eternity ago. We laugh a lot about our time there and our trip to get the kids from my parents. The one thing I learned from this trip is, there is a reason couples only do this every eight plus years. After a few days we were ready to have some time away from each other :) And I missed the kids ALOT! They grew up a little too much while I was gone (I will update on that next week.)

Well here is a brief little slide show of our last few days on the island.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

As mentioned, you guys were the best low maintenance guests ever and I totally had a class or two with a girl you are hugging in one of your pictures.

Roeckers said...

cool she was a sister missionary in Germany. Her name is Jenna Chidister.