Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy weekend

We had all of Jake's family here this weekend for Dave's graduation and an early Christmas. Good memories. I was able to steal a few minutes to take 100 photos of Liza and Rainey.

Merry Christmas! Loves to all!


B said...

That suit is just too adorable on him! What a sweetheart he is.

Olson Clan said...

Where is the couch? And how did you get the pics from such an above angle? I have noticed a few other pics from that angle and have been trying to figure it out. Did you stand on the counter?

Roeckers said...

Jake likes to stand on the stools. LOL

The couch is down stairs we have a finished family room now. We can put the Tv and kid stuff down there.

www.trailbrain.com said...

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