Sunday, November 11, 2007

Moving! ...where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain

There are currently a few renovations happening in our house. The french doors on one side of Liza's room are being removed and replaced with a wall, and the family room is being finished in the basement. It should be done and everything back in order next week. Now I just have to furnish the new family room :) Shopping spree

I cut Rainey's hair this week. Last week I made his usual Fauxhawk and noticed how long his hair was. I didn't intend to trim it that short but it will grow back. He liked the tickles.

We were sitting a few of the neighbours and the kids sat down in front of the TV. This is Daniel hitting on the girls. What can I say, he likes the older women! It's all that time he has been spending with Brandon and Leslie. They like to teach him how to pick up chicks.

We finally got our branch assignment for Jake's commission. Jake has been assigned to the Signal Corps (which we wanted) but has a branch detail in the Field Artillery corps for the next three years (a bit of a surprise). We are excited to finally know a bit of what to expect for our future. So off to Oklahoma Jake goes (after graduation in May)! This gives Jake the leadership training he will need and then give us the educational opportunities we want from the Signal Corps. The Lord has a plan for us!


Grandma and Papa H said...

The posting is great. I know Jake will enjoy his association with the artillery. I know I did. The olny thing is it is now a 24hr drive. Oh well, it just means we take a week instead of a long weekend. Daniel just takes after his Papa. I still like the girls but still older women are the best.

Teresa said...

That is so exciting that you know what is coming next in your life. Oklahoma sounds like it would be lots of fun. I can't believe it is almost time for Jake to graduate. Crazy.
So, I am curious, why you are taking a door out of Eliza's room and putting in a wall. Did she get out of the room?

Roeckers said...

LOL! Ya we don't want to let her out anymore. The boys are coming around too much, we figure we best lock her up now and save us some trouble later.

Really, Her room has a set of french doors that rattle every time that another door opens or shuts in the house, and they lead right into the living room. The room is really an office so we are making it a bedroom. There is a door on the other side of the room as well.

Auntie Di said...

lol, i think it is best if you locked that little girl in that way she couldn't be such a klutz. and to keep those little boys away.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

congrats on the big news! rainey's picture makes me smile.