Sunday, October 28, 2007

He finally did it

It has definately been a busy week. We had Liza's first fieldtrip of the year-to the Pumpkin walk. On the way back to school Liza tripped on a fellow class mate while both her hands were in her pockets. Her fall left her with a very nice shiner! It is a little more yellow and black on the lid of her eye today. It doesn't hurt her but it looks like it should.

The rest of the week was spent prepping for a Pampered Chef show I presented, juggling the weekly horse riding, swim, and piano lessons. We finished off the week with a wonderful date night. A friend of ours was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Marines. He asked me to take photos of the ceremony. Jake dressed in uniform for the event. Afterwards we went out to Hamilton's-the local steak and seafood house, it is pretty classy. Jake surprised me for the first time in our marriage with a beautiful dinner serenade by a violinist! It was beautiful birthday dinner! While we were eating one of the waitresses was sent over by another table to ask us whether Jake had ever served in Iraq. He answered yes. As we were about to leave and waiting for the check the waitress returned and said "Thank you for your service" and handed us our receipt. The inquiring table had a son in Iraq and had picked up our tab. So Thank you to the A-10 Warthog Pilot and his parents-whoever you are, for their service and our meal!!


Teresa said...

Wow! That is so awesome that they paid for your meal. I am glad Jake gets praise for the service he did.
I am totally shocked that is Eliza's first black eye. Are you sure?? haha It just seems like she should have had half a dozen by now. :)

Roeckers said...

You are telling me, she is our klutz.

Auntie Di said...

Yes your child is a klutz. have you seen her front tooth? Have you seen her legs they are covered in scrapes and bruses? So I am not afraid to tell you your child is a Klutz? But we still love her.