Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Look at my garden grow

I never thought I would enjoy gardening so much! I love it!
We have been very blessed for first time gardeners.
We have so much Zucchini that my kids have come to love Chocolate nut Zucchini bread for breakfast, snack and dessert. I await my growing cucumbers, melons and egg plant. I can't wait to start over again hopefully next year.


Auntie Di said...

wow chrissy, you really have become the molly mormon haven't you?? lol baking bread every week, all the crafts you do, and now keeping a garden with out killing it, you must have papa's gens for that one, you should didn't get moms. I go moms thats for sure. lol well i can't wait to eat your yummy garden when i come down. love you lots, and miss you lots. give everyone hugs and kisses for me.

Papa and Grandma H said...

You'll learn that 1 zucchini plant isn't enough and 2 is too many. God job in keeping the garden going even with the kids help.