Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great friends...extra time to myself

Today Liza and I were able to go on a date while a friend took care of the boys. We did a few errands and then spent some time talking at Jamba Juice. Now Liza is at a friends for the evening, Daniel is with Mike a ROTC student that D adores, and Rainey is napping. A few moments to myself and there is still light out :) So I will share a few photos and then go garden for a few minutes.

Rainey is so excited with his new found mobility. He crawled into the bottom of the exersaucer this morning. He was so proud of himself- you can see his excitement in expression. He isn't suppose to learn to be this mobile and confident so fast!

We have a new breakfast buddy. Before Jake left we found the ideal bird feeder for a windy climate (It doesn't spread seed all over the yard creating a weed patch below. We learned the hard way!) Now every morning we sit down to eat with our birdy friend who has become accustomed to our company thru the kitchen window.

On a side note I am need of some computer techy help. I have a project I am working on and need to convert TIFF files into something I can send to get printed, like a JPEG. Any suggestion on how to do this- Jake always does this kinda stuff.

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