Friday, June 22, 2007

Year of the Dinosaur

Last week we visited Jake's grandma in Provo. We had so much fun we thought we would make our way down here again. We had planned to go to Arches National Park but last minute while talking to cousins, and checking out mapquest we realized it was further than we were originally told. Too long for the kids.

On the way down we stopped by IKEA. During our move they lost all the hardware to our kitchen table. We explained our problem and they replaced the hardware free of charge. Gotta love IKEA! And one can't visit IKEA without buying a few fun things :)

Suggestions were made to go to Thanksgiving Point. We stuck to the dinosaur museum. The kids had so much fun! It was just what they needed-hands on. They remembered the things we learned in Canada, learned a few new things about dinos. We are now stuck on Dinos again.

After we strapped the bikes to the car and drove to Springville and took a bike ride down Hobble Creek Canyon's paved bike trail. It was fun. Liza refuses to ride her big bike, so her legs get tired peddling so much. She still had fun and did a great job keeping up as we meandered up and down the canyon hills. This ended up being her longest ride yet. The most she'd done previously was the 3.5 miles to her school. You can see the school route in google earth by clicking here.

On our way home we stopped by "This is the Place" Heritage park. Jake and the kids spent most of their time chasing young chickens. The chickens were mostly agreeable and Daniel earned himself a new nick-name of "Chicken Head" The photo should explain why.


Dian and Kaila said...

wow is all i am going to say, your husband is a dork but we still love him.

Olson Clan said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Dinosaurs are awesome to study! soo much to do. I have the feeling that we may also be doing dinosaurs once again in the not-too-distant future.

Stephanie said...

hey hey- i need your address please :)

littlegreen said...

oh too bad I missed you guys... the necklace is finished. Email me your address and I will send it right on up. I didn't use all of the beads though, so I will send those back as well and maybe you can find something else to do with them, hope she likes it!! love ya guys!