Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer time fun


Jake created a website for our landscaper in trade for a flag pole which was installed just in time for Canada day and Independence day. I think it looks great!

On a side note, we have found a new family hobby. We ride our bikes everywhere. It feels weird to get in the car and drive around town. We go grocery shopping and move around town on our bikes. We didn't drive our car 5 out of the last 7 days. We bought a trailer for the boys to ride in and are definitely getting our money out of it.

Liza and Jake ride their bikes to school everyday. Jake makes her ride her bike up the killer hill up to campus. Then in the evenings we go get milk, or ice cream or just go to the park.

Today we took our longest ride around town. Liza did it without complaint. 12.2 miles is what the GPS read went we got home. We rode to the Willow Park Zoo and back again. You can check it out here. I will try to remember the camera next time we go cycling.


Teresa said...

Happy Canada Day! The flag pole looks great, and your house is beautiful.
I love that you ride bikes everywhere. That is so good for you and I bet the kids love it. I should follow your example.

Stephanie said...

i just got a new bike a week or two ago and i too enjoy this new hobby! happy canada day from us as well by the way.

littlegreen said...

hey!! we've been doing the same!! Even the other morning a girlfriend called to have me meet her somewhere and I thought, sure I'll be right over, and then without even thinking I ran out, jumped on my bike and took off, when I got there, she asked what took so long and I was like... oh... I figured you knew I was riding my bike, as if I expected everyone to be doing the same thing!! :) it's the good life, for sure! hey-email me, I need an address to send the beautiful necklace to!!