Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a wonderful Weekend

My three little bunnies

My three gorgeous kids (yes, I am very biased). Liza picked out her own dress after trying on everyone in the mall. Turns out she likes to shop in one of the same stores Susan does. The boys got matching suits and they looked so cute in blue, the color made both their eyes pop.

In order to get a good photo of them all I had to hang Daniels sucky from Jake's ear and throw paper at his head while he took the photo.

Jake organized a 5K run for Easter weekend. It looks like they made or are just short of their goal of $1000 to the Hope Alliance (micro baning in Peru, Brazil and Chile. He had 149 runners register. We all had a fun time. I will post more pictures later this week, if you want to check out the pictures and see all the hard work Jake has put into it go to
Good job Jake! We are proud of you!

We spent the weekend with my family who came down for Easter and the run. We had dinner on Saturday and they left on Sunday afternoon. We spent Sunday evening with Jake's brother Dave and his inlaws the Smith's. We had an overall wonderful weekend with plenty of delicious food, plenty of candy and good company.


Natalie said...

I love Liza's dress and the boys look so precious. That is awesome that Jake organized a 5K. I am impressed. Glad you had a fun weekend!

Stephanie said...

love the outfits! i tried to find a suit for ambrose's blessing but apparently that doesnt exist in april in hawaii...

Ashley said...

Those are such good pictures of your kids. They are all so cute. Who has the blue eyes you or Jake? I am sorry to say I have never noticed either of your eye color.

Roeckers said...

Jake has the blue eyes! I am so happy to finally have a blue eyed baby, now if only I could get a red head my life would be complete :)