Sunday, March 04, 2007

Amazing weekend

The Army National Guard put on a marriage retreat. Utah State Legislature funds a marriage seminar directed to army/air force/marine families. They pay for two nights in a hotel and the LDS chaplains put on a seminar on Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP). It covers communication skills, and keys to successful relationships.

Some friends of our watched the kids and they survived. They were so excited to tell us about all the fun they had and weren't to thrilled to see us home. They didn't even mis us :(

We were so grateful for the time away from the older two, to focus on us. (Rainey was a perfect angle the whole weekend.) We learned a few new things about each other and took a serious look at the faults we have individually that hinder progression in our marriage. It was a nice boost for us. We strengthened some friendships and made new ones. It was great! THANK YOU UTAH!!


Natalie said...

That is so great that they do that. How nice! I bet it helps to feel like coming back to real life again after doing something like that. Good for you guys.

Olson Clan said...

How great that you were able to participate. I remember when Matt's unit did a retreat down in Bavaria, truly a changing point in the way we communicated with eachother.

Papa Hovan said...

That is cool. I am glad you enjoyed the weekend away from the kids and learned something too. Now about Rainey, was he a right angle or a 45 degree angle. Oh you meant angel. Sorry! I didn't mean to be mean. Your Dad is just trying to get back after almost 30 years of abuse by his loving kids. I still loves you.