Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Newest Edition to the Roecker family

Rainey Burbank Roecker
Born at 10:50am, Tuesday, Jan 02, 2007 (all of our kids have now been born in odd years 2001, 2005, and now 2007).
Weighing 8Lbs1.8oz
19.5 inches long

So far he is a welcome addition, bringing much happiness to mom (who has her body back), dad who can stop hearing mom complain, and Eliza who is a very proud helper, and Daniel who can finally cuddle with mom again.

We are way grateful for Auntie Di who is watching the kids and giving us one last thing to worry about.


Teresa said...

Yahoo! Congratulations Chrissy and Jake. I have been so curious about your pregnancy, and I keep expecting to hear something on the blog. I guess this is what I was waiting for huh? haha. I am so glad Dian is there to help. She is such a great sister. I wish I could be there to do whatever I could. I will watch for more pictures of Rainey.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your family! What an exciting way to start out the year. I am happy for you guys and glad you have some good help with the other kids.

Olson Clan said...

Congrats!!!!! We are so happy for your family and Rainey is so lucky to be joining your family!! Matt is only sad that he can't be there to hold the baby :) We never did see a preggo pic though.

Anonymous said...

That is so great! He is so adorable and it makes me so excited for my little one! Good luck with everything!