Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Joining the Club

SO I have decided to join the world of blog and digitally document our happenings. It seems easy enough I won't need Jake's computer skills to keep up to date and I can feel like I am somewhat keeping a record of our family. Plus it will give me a reason to take more pictures of the kids and our happenings.

This week we have had the landscapers finishing off our yard. We are hoping things will be finished off tomorrow with a fence and bushes. The kids have been having so much fun watching them I haven't had to feel guilty for not having the TV unpacked.


Olson Clan said...

There you are!! I was beginning to wonder if all was OK. We think of you often and are glad to see things are well for you. Miss you guys, give the kids a hug for us!

Jessica Jackson said...

Your kids have so much fun! I miss them here, I miss everyones kids HERE! Love you, Miss "Big" Jessica